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WTTW Art & Design in Chicago - Community Mural Making featuring muralist Nina Smoot-Cain, Carolyn Elaine, Kiela Smith-Upton and Dorian Sylvain


 55min -Unedited conversation of the featured artist discussing their work as muralists in Chicago. Recorded by WTTW for use in their series, "Art & Design in Chicago." Dan Andries, producer, Tom Siegel, camera, Dave Moyer, audio.

Note: There is a brief section where there is no video – yep, this happened – but the audio continues because they had an audio guy.


Oak Park Area Arts Council

Off the Wall 

Featured Apprentices

Ali Schiffner

Hasani Cannon

Reaching Back, Moving Forward 

Lest We Forget- the Song of 47th Street 

Fenger High School Restoring the P.I.E.C.E.S.

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