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You Are The Answer (2015)


Project Description:


This 900 square feet mural now enlivens the underpass that divides the Oak Park and Austin Communities. After canvassing many CTA riders at the Austin and Lake Green Line stop, the eleven apprentices of 2015 Off The Wall Summer Program agreed that three subject matters were of most importance: Education, Peace and Unity. 


The far left image is a silhouette of a male with a light bulb in his head (reading a book) representing thought, ideas and the importance of EDUCATION. 


The center image is a universal symbol for Peace. The center of the symbol is completely filled with mirror. Every time someone stops to look at this image, they will see themselves reflected in Peace. The title “You Are The Answer” was the response given when one community member was asked: What message would you like the mural to convey to the community? It was intentionally placed under the Peace symbol to imply that we each have a responsibility to maintain PEACE in our own lives, community and the world at large.


The far right image represents Unity. There was already a large crack in the wall so the apprentices decided to incorporate it into the design. It was highlighted in red to represent the divide in the community. The figures on each side are exerting equal effort to bring balance to the community. They are both pushing the Ying Yang symbol (created out of hands) together. The idea that art bridges across the divide and unifies the imagery is a metaphor for how art has the same potential to bridge dialogue between people and UNITE communities.


The whimsical flowers, colorful mosaic pattern work, subtle stenciling and inspirational words add another layer of texture and interest to the vibrant background colors of the mural.



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