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BLISS - 2018

Location: Wonder Works Children's Museum, Oak Park IL.

Project Description:

This 400 square feet mural titled “BLISS” is installed directly to the facade of Wonder Works Children’s Museum in Oak Park IL. This under-water themed mosaic has drawn people and attention to the North Avenue Business District - an area of Oak Park in need of economic development and beautification. This installation was created by young public art apprentices under the direction of Carolyn Elaine in the Off the Wall Summer youth employment program. 

This summer marks the first time that concrete bas relief sculpture was included in the mosaic making process. The 3-D elements illuminate the ecosystem inspired composition and directly correlate with the museums Sharks and Seashell’s Nature Science program. 


“The children experience the mural as they walk to our doors. They are entranced by the colors, textures, and shapes. It ties the outside of our building with the inside where creativity and curiosity is encouraged and supported with the programs and experiences offered.”


-Rachel Rettberg, CEO 

Wonder Works Children’s Museum



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