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I Saw Something Silly in the Park Today (2000)

Project Description:
Artist: Carolyn Elaine
Participants: Students aged 10-13yrs old from various North Town Community schools.
Sponsorship: Chicago Public Art Group, North Town Arts Corp.

- 160 sq. ft. Broken Tile Mosaic- Exterior Installation


During two ten week mosaic workshops, Carolyn Elaine led a group of students in the design and fabrication of ten broken tile panels in a program facilitated by the North Town Arts Corp, a consortium of arts and education groups in the Cabrini-Green area. The Seward Park Mosaics which include such images as animals, insects, flowers, food, as well as, sports, science, neighborhood, and lake scenes – adorn two 40-foot-long brick and cement benches that create a strong, colorful line in front of the park’s field house.

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