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Rise With Pride-2017

Project Description:

-Artist: Carolyn Elaine 

-Location: Harlan Community Academy



I feel honored to have been selected by Harlan Community Academy’s Principal to create a mosaic installation for the entryway of the school. Principal Ramona Outlaw has embarked on a whole-school transformation process based on Harlan’s mission and vision. 


The Mission : To provide a transformative learning experience for ALL members of the school community.


The Vision : Graduates will demonstrate PRIDE in the accomplishments and milestones they met and exceeded at Harlan Community Academy. They will RISE repeatedly above any obstacles impeding their progress.



The Principal’s excitement about the wealth of possibility that exist for her students has inspired diligent planning by her team to better serve their students and their entire school community. They have transformed their curriculum so that their students can think more critically and analytically as they engage in their academic pursuits.


Outlaw’s appreciation for the arts and her understanding of how it not only adds great esthetic pleasure, but motivates and instills self esteem in both the students and community, inspired this artwork. Incorporating the school’s newly designed Falcon Mascot and School Crest, this 210 square feet mosaic mural has transformed the facade of the school building. What greets the students, faculty and staff as they enter the school now aligns with the expectations outlined in Harlan’s mission and vision. 


Outlaw believes that the schools esthetic environment plays a large role in creating a culture for pride and heightened self esteem. "When students see positive representations of themselves it sets  the tone for expected positive behaviors".


My hope is that Harlan students will realize that an investment in beautifying their school is not conditional; continent upon their behavior or level of achievements. My hope is that they will realize that beautiful schools should be the “norm” for students in ALL communities and that Principals like Ramona Outlaw recognize that their environment should align with their personal value. I trust that the students at Harlan can now see their futures fulfilled in reflections of themselves as they begin their school day  and that they will continue to RISE with PRIDE.


                                                                              Harlan’s Core Values


                                                               R esponsibility          with         P erseverance


                                                               I  ntegrity                                 R espect


                                                               S ucess                                     I  ntelligence


                                                               E xcellence                               D etermination 


                                                                                                               E nergy 

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