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I AM - 2021

Location: Hoyne Elementary School, Chicago IL


Ali Schiffner

Atlan Arceo-Witzl

Jennifer Eisner

Greta Olsen

Zaria Gilmore

Project Description:

Whatever you speak after the words “I AM” creates your reality. 


Principal Micheal Hinton is committed to using art to beautify his school environment as well as inspire and motivate his students and faculty at Hoyne Elementary School. He collaborated with Studio Elaine by meticulously painting the background for this mosaic installation himself. “I AM an artist too” he proclaimed while showing off his skills. 


The intent of this mural composition is to provide teachers with a art installation that can be used as a teaching tool to encourage students to expand their vocabulary while creating positive affirmations that build self esteem, validate self worth and instill Black Excellence.


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