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Planters on Parade (2001)

Project Description:
Artist: Carolyn Elaine
Participants: Dixon Elementary School (youth), South Central Community Center (youth), Karibuni Place (adults) – Chattam / Avalon Community
Sponsorship: Chicago Public Art Group - Heartland Alliance’s Century Place Develop Corp.

- 6 sq. ft. Rectangular Mosaics Inset on Pre-Cast Cement Planters Broken Tile Mosaic


Led by Heartland Alliance’s Century Place Development Corp. (CPDC), community residents of East Chatham and Avalon Park worked through the spring of 2001 to produce six decorative planters as part of a variety of community revitalization projects. Community residents designed the mosaics with the help of artist Carolyn Elaine (Chicago Public Art Group). Designs were developed after discussing ways to create a more aesthetically pleasing and culturally representative community.


The youth illustrated their involvement in the community through drawings of the many recreational activities they participate in; sports, playground scenes, bicycling etc. The adults expressed their vision of a better community through their drawings of beautiful flowers and landscape scenes.


The fabrication of the mosaics took place at the South Central Community Services Center, and they were later inset on to pre-cast cement planters placed throughout the community. Residents also selected plants and participated in workshops conducted by the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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