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The Nature of Diversity (2002)

Project Description:
- Artist: Carolyn Elaine
Participants: Arthur Dixon Elementary School, 5th grade students
Sponsorship: This project is partially supported by the City of ChicagoDepartment of Cultural Affairs, Neighborhood Arts Program

- 35 sq. ft. Broken Tile Mosaic- Exterior Installation


Led by Carolyn Elaine, a group of fifth grade students at Arthur Dixon Elementary School were introduced to a variety of techniques for mosaic work and to the available range of approaches to develop murals. Not only did they learn an ancient art form, they were challenged to work collectively to create the design. They had to consider alternatives as to the better ways of working individually or as a group and at the same time, develop their own styles.


The students created a 35 sq ft mural which was installed around the foundation of the greenhouse recently constructed on the school campus. Drawing from the theme “The Nature of Diversity”, they were encouraged to explore the various strains of people and plants, compare their common ancestry and assess their individual beauty as well as their collective greatness. They recognized the beauty of a single flower compared to that of a flourishing garden and the beauty of a single culture compared to that of a congruous society.

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