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Project Description: 

- Artist:  Carolyn Elaine Art teacher Sandy Lucas

- Participants: Students at Murphy School

- Sponsorship: Art Resources in Teaching

- 120 sq ft. Broken Tile Mosaic- Interior Installation 


Each year the sixth grade class at John B Murphy School participates in a residency arts program under the auspices of Art Resources in Teaching. In 2006 and 2007, Carolyn Elaine worked with the graduating class to adorn their hall way columns with broken tile mosaics. The theme “Celebrate the Arts” is indicative of Murphy’s distinction as a Fine and Performing Arts Magnets Program. Students at Murphy receive visual art, music, and drama instruction.


With the aid of Ms. Sandy Lucas, the art/music teacher, the students created paintings, drawings and cut paper designs to express the many disciplines of art they have experienced at Murphy. After composing the selected images onto the columns, Elaine guides the students in the various steps to creating the mosaic. Every sixth grade student participates in breaking tile, directly applying pieces to the column or grouting the finished piece.

Celebrate the Arts (2006 & 2007)

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