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Take Notes From Nature (2003)

Project Description:


- Artist: Carolyn Elaine
Participants: Students at Nettlehorst School
Sponsorship: Art Resources in Teaching

- 64 sq. ft. Broken Tile Mosaic- Interior Installation


Under the auspices of Art Resources in Teaching, Carolyn Elaine led a group of students at Nettlehorst Elementary School in the creation of an interior mosaic mural in a six week residency program. Students learned the history and function of public art as they designed and fabricated the 64sq ft broken tile mosaic.


Indicative of the school’s distinction as an International Scholars’ Program site and their commitment to emphasizing appreciation for other cultures, the mural depicts in its imagery various species of wild life as well as aquatic life from around the globe, cohabitating congruously.

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