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Veneration of Dr. Margaret Burroughs  (2016)


Project Description:

- Artist: Carolyn Elaine 

-Location: Burnside Scholastic Academy.


Burnside Scholastic Academy commissioned this captivating public art installation to proudly showcase the school's esteemed collection of signed linocuts by the renowned Dr. Margaret Burroughs. The composition thoughtfully incorporates the final stanza of her poignant poem, "What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black," gracefully bookended by two vibrant mosaic interpretations, each spanning 30 square feet. These mosaics artfully capture the essence of characters from Dr. Burroughs' linocuts, namely "The African American Family" and "African Odalisque." Additionally, the installation pays a heartfelt tribute to the visionary Dr. Margaret Burroughs herself.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this public artwork serves a multifaceted purpose. It stands as an invaluable teaching tool, offering students an immersive gateway to new realms of learning and creativity. Its profound impact has even sparked educational field trips to the historic DuSable Museum of African American History, a cultural institution founded in 1957 by Dr. Margaret T. and Charles G. Burroughs, further enriching the educational experience for Burnside Scholastic Academy's students.


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