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It's About Movement (2006)

Project Description:
Artist: Carolyn Elaine and Sonata Kazimieraitis
Participants: Eleven high school/college students, one assistant, one Master Apprentice and various community volunteers, Oak Park IL.
Sponsorship: Oak Park Arts Council, Chicago Public Art Group

- 450 sq. ft. Broken Tile/ Bricolague with Clay Relief Exterior Installation


Led by Master Artist Carolyn Elaine and Sonata Kazimieraitis, a group of eleven apprentices and one master apprentice, designed and installed a 450sq ft bricolague mural along the embankment of the OPRF High School Athletic Field. This field is used by the community as a jogging/walking site and hosts various sport activities.


The theme, It’s About Movement, addresses transformations in physical, emotional and spiritual levels through the use of imagery, gradation of color and text. The design starts in the middle as a pulse line with a message that reads: “This wall has a heartbeat, with every passing moment it transforms the intangible into a life force”. To the right of the design, the pulse transforms into butterflies fling into a book held by a young girl sitting in a window. Clouds/dreams above her head merge with the branches of an old exotic tree, which is surrounded by sparkling water as a symbol of constant movement and change. To the left of the design there is the silhouette of a small child in a field of sunflowers that magically transform into birds taking flight and a biker journeys on a path with no apparent end. This pulse line which transforms into well defined images and shapes that are very visible from a distance, will be used as a passage leading from this summer’s project to next summer’s continuation of the theme.

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