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Artist- Zorhia Allen

Artist- Zorhia Allen

Legacies Of Sun, Sea And Red Earth- 2021

Location: Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Project Description: The design of this mixed media public art installation, commissioned by the Wattle And Red Earth Collective (W.A.R.E ), celebrates the culture and heritage of rural communities in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. WARE is developing a symbiosis with the local community through activities like the highly attractive mural installation in Southfield Town Square and its Annual Summer Camp. The mural's design symbolizes heritage, St Elizabeth's people and the Southfield community. Under the auspices of the WARE Collective, Carolyn Elaine (USA), Zorhia Allen (JA) and community members created a 150 square feet mosaic to enhance the surroundings' aesthetic. The public artwork acts as an unofficial WARE billboard, and in 2022 it became an entry point for a Jamaican-Canadian partnership which links indigenous communities and celebrates traditional heritage.



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